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Personal collection of computer code and technical writing.

Programming is more than an important practical art, it is also a gigantic undertaking in the foundations of knowledge.
— Grace Hopper


Free software packages and libraries that I have authored or maintain.

Software contributor

Accepted patches or otherwise.

Web sites

Sites which I have a hand in producing. For prior and existing employed responsibilities, see résumé. The résumé portion of this site is password protected to keep it from being indexed by search engine Web robots. The username is the number one, and the password is the number two.


Technical writings or otherwise I have authored in various sizes. Some are strictly how-tos and others include commentary.


Personal interest programming that was done for fun.


The maligned art of describing how to use software.

Other notes

Various collections of writing, source code and Web that I've had a hand in.

Files under this path

Various documents and software I didn't write but are made available here.

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