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Life was simple before World War II. After that, we had systems.
— Grace Hopper

A competent software worker of the early 21st century has the talent to efficiently fashion solutions to problems across multiple domains, often by leveraging existing applications and code, and with plans laid that allow further improving the solution. Success with software hinges fundamentally on how people are incorporated on all sides—in development, in its use, maintenance and communicating its value.


Notes on how to format a résumé with TeX as seen above, see note below


More code examples are featured on the home page.

Bash Shell

Managing a large online site for a food magazine in a LAMP environment required efficentily working with large data sets.

System programming — circa 2014

PHP 5 with Zend Framework 2

At a software company with an enterprise solution for beverage distributors available from the IBM AS/400, a database layer needed to be able to access stored procedures via DB2. Unit test is listed last.

Database programming in PHP — circa 2013

JavaScript with ExtJS 3

ExtJS 3 has an extensible module system for writing libraries of code that can be useful for rapid application development. . This is a small, and easy-to-follow example.

Web client programming — circa 2012

Bash Shell

At a small not-for-profit with a significant LAMP installation, I had many tasks that needed to be automated.

System programming — circa 2008


MySQL data store — circa 2004 and 2005

The following is the source code for a simple database application. It serves as the index of faculty for the academic catalogue at a university. It provides search or browse behaviors.

File parsing — circa 2003 and 2004

The following sources are small pieces from a larger content management system that has been in use at a large university since 1998. They present a simple use of encapsulation and object-oriented design for generating Web menus from files.

TeX résumé

There is an antiquated but simple class available for LaTeX that can format a résumé easily. It is shipped with Tex Live! and is therefore readily available on many GNU/Linux systems.

The following is the source code of my résumé.

To manage multiple formats, it is useful to be able automate producing them with the GNU or unix Make utility.

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