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The Market that’s Free

I finally watched The Shock Doctrine. It was about how the “free” market started and what damage it ended up doing on poor people around the world! A free market is one that is “liberated” from restrictions. Basically, this means predators are let loose. It all started in the early twentieth century in Chicago with Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman who lectured and advised to shock a people. They would basically “raid the public sphere” after a man-made or natural disaster and then privatize all services. This may sound innocent enough, and Friedman assured all that it would maximize freedom for all; but in practice, a few people would make a lot of money while most people usually fell below the poverty line!

A few parts reminded me of some other reports/documentaries. There was a part about the military growing too powerful, and you don’t have to be a pacifist to be concerned. Sean McFate wrote The Modern Mercenary: Private Armies and What They Mean for World Order about how the use of mercenaries in war is basically getting out of control, and Mr McFate is an associate professor at the National Defense University. Something else that seemed familiar were the Canadian torture experiments. If I’m not mistaken, I first saw these in Adam Curtis’ Century of the Self. My guess is part two: “The Engineering of Consent”. The last familiar part was about the London financial market deregulation. I thought I also saw this first in a Curtis documentary, possibly The Mayfair Set. There’s a lot more to The Shock Doctrine, but I’ll let you watch it for yourselves!