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Toxic BPA and Regrettable Substitutes

In the linnings of canned foods
YouTube video
Canned Foods - Buyer Beware

Infographic that summarizes the report

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On NPR, I heard that there is a devastating cycle of poor people making a livelihood by living on the edge of the Amazonian rainforest and burning down a small amount of the rainforest, but if they cut down the smallest infraction over their allotment (which might not be the easiest thing to eyeball), they acquire an insurmountable debt as a punishment. Then, they have to sell their land to a large land owner who incorporates the lost farms (hmm, seems too beneficial to be coincidental but whatev's, man) and continues to damage the crucial Earth lungs even further. (In The Amazon's Fire Season, 'You Either Burn Or You Starve' By Lourdes Garcia-Navarro)

Howlin’ Wolf – Smokestack Lightnin’

Smokestack lightning
Shining, just like gold
Why don't you hear me crying?

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Consciousness and Meditation

Science and Nonduality (SAND) is a five-day immersive experience where leading scientists, spiritual teachers, philosophers, artists, and a thriving international community gather to explore a new paradigm in spirituality, one that is based on timeless wisdom traditions, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in direct experience: October 21-25th, San Jose, California, USA.

Cutie & the Boxer POV Doc


Fugazi – Little Debbie

Fugazi – Little Debbie


little's mom goes crazy
she can't bring this world
through the middle of the house
through the house
in the middle of the night
mama [x9]
oh yeah
little debbie's mom goes crazy

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The Market that’s Free

I finally watched The Shock Doctrine. It was about how the “free” market started and what damage it ended up doing on poor people around the world! A free market is one that is “liberated” from restrictions. Basically, this means predators are let loose. It all started in the early twentieth century in Chicago with Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman who lectured and advised to shock a people. They would basically “raid the public sphere” after a man-made or natural disaster and then privatize all services. This may sound innocent enough, and Friedman assured all that it would maximize freedom for all; but in practice, a few people would make a lot of money while most people usually fell below the poverty line!

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Panopticon Documentary About Privacy

Watch the film. “Control on our daily lives increases, and privacy is under attack. But how exactly? And when are we going to feel the consequences?”

Low & High Pressure Cyclones

classical music

heard Danse macabre, Op. 40 thanks to GPAT and their airing of Classic Arts Showcase.

70k rape kits remain untested